Helpful Homeschooling Resources

  • Powerful Minds

    Objectivist Glenn Woiceshyn, with degrees in Engineering Science and Mechanical Engineering, became alarmed with the quality of education his (then) nine-year-old son was receiving, and began to homeschool him with two other fifth graders.

    He was dissatisfied with the basic materials available to him, and began to create his own, which are now available to other homeschoolers. They can be seen at his website.

    Strong Brains

    Andrew Layman, Objectivist from Microsoft, has designed a website with about 500 books covering the essentials of an education in the arts and sciences.
    The books are listed by topic (Sciences, Technologies, Arts) and by sequence from the most basic to the more specialized, and are of special interest to homeschooling parents and others interested in educating themselves or their children.


  • Schools of Interest to Objectivists

    VanDamme Academy

    Lisa VanDamme, former homeschooler and founder/Director of the VanDamme Academy of Laguna Hills, California, has published on educational matters in the Objective Standard and Capitalism Magazine, and has lectured at the Ayn Rand Institute.

    Montessori Schools

    The "Montessori Method" has been praised by Ayn Rand as epistemologically superior, and has been shown in many studies to live up to that praise. Maria Montessori, the first woman to graduate from an Italian medical school, originally designed her internationally famous program for youngsters between about three and six.

    There is a "caveat" here, however; Montessori considered her achievement to be a "gift to the children of the world," and did not protect the integrity of the method or the materials by copyright or patents. As a result, anyone without any training whatsoever can fraudulantly label his or her establishment as a "Montessori school."

    It is therefore very important when considering a Montessori school for a child to determine whether the teachers have been certified by a recognized Montessori organization such as the American Montessori Association, the International Montessori Association, etc.


  • Examining all ideas relevant to creating an America fulfilling the unkept promises of the Enlightenment. Focuses on current events, critical facts, and principles.
  • Auxilliary to Brushfires of Freedom.
  • Esthetic and cultural commentary auxiliary to Brushfires of Freedom and The New Enlightenment.
  • Companion website to blog "Brushfires of Freedom". In-depth analyses of global topics and trends as they impact the USA, philosophical issues of critical importance to matters such as the War with Islam, and the internal cultural rot of America. Publishes 4 - 6 times a year for new material. Some authors are not Objectivists, but all provide very valuable materials.
  • Eleanor offers materials concerning current events from all over the world, with her own unique take on these materials.
  • (Cubed). Focuses on principles and facts behind the present collapse of American education, particularly in the K - 12 range, and presents what might be and ought to be in schools, from an Objectivist orientation.

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November 24, 2007


Monica-Not in Philly anymore

Cubed, Troll and I extend our condolences. We are so very sorry to hear this news and you are in our prayers.

Jason Pappas

George was such a fighter, intransigent and always right on target. I’ve seen others tire and lose sight of the danger. George knew the degree of the problem and never wavered. Indeed he became embolden as he wrote.

I remember when I first come across George’s and Cubed’s remarks in the comments section of Jihad Watch. It was a breath of fresh air. When I came across “Sixth Column” I linked often. George and Cubed said it so well.

It was an honor to have known George. His example and encouragement meant so much to me.

Cubed, my thoughts and concern are with you in these difficult times.

Mark Alexander

Cubed, as you know, my thoughts are with you at this tragic and very difficult time for you and your family.

It was 'George' who introduced me to blogging, and it was he who wrote the first review of my book. In George, I have lost a great friend.

Your loss and sadness have touched me deeply.

Stay strong, Cubed, you are not alone; and I know that's how George would want you to be.

Always On Watch

This is such an awful time for you.

Know that your friends are thinking of you and, yes, grieving over this unbelievable loss.

Remember that you were there holding his hand. That matters!

Leslie White

dear cubed,

Please accept my deepest sympathy in this time of your sadness. I know how bad it is--not so long ago, I lost half of my life.

But what a loss yours is--for all of us, who appreciated George's keen intellect. Please be strong and, as the pain lessens, you will realize that you are still needed--you will write again, more passionately than ever. You will carry on.


George Mason was a true American patriot, a realist, a fighter, and most importantly, a friend. God bless you, you will be missed.


Cubed, I ... don't know what to write here.... My deepest sympathy to you and your family.


TROP mourns the passing of ‘George Mason,’ a staunch defender of freedom and human rights. Mason was the author of The Religion Barrier, one of the finest essays ever written to explain why we are so blind to the threat that Islam poses to the Western way of life.

dinah lord

My prayers go out to you and yours.


Bosch Fawstin

I am so sorry for your loss, I loved the individualistic way he wrote against Jihad, they read like a man who knew what the hell he was writing For And against, and not allowing any 'respect' to seep into them against an enemy and a religion that doesnt deserve Any.
He will be missed.

elmers brother

I'm very sorry to hear of George's passing. My thoughts and prayers go out to you.

Jan F

We never knew George but were well aware of his integrity, courage and honesty. Such rare qualities, not usually found in our leaders of today. God bless him. Our thoughts are with you ~ all the way from here in the UK.

Always On Watch

George touched so many lives all over the world, through his online efforts. But he not only touched lives--he educated his readers.

I continue to miss him.


I know it has been a long time since you all have commented and it has been this long till any of the family could get to this site. The pain of George Mason's loss is still so strong and I want to thank each and every one of you for all your kind words. Cubed does not have internet access at this time so I am sending you her very deepest thank you for your kind words too. In George's remembrance please keep up the good fight for freedom and liberty. Never ever give in; he would not have. Thank you so much! George's family


Thanks Dagny. It has been over two years and I miss George even though I only know him from the 'net. I wish Cubed the best. I'm glad you posted an update.

In liberty, Jason Pappas.


Are any of the articles from the other sites archived somewhere? I need some things that both George Mason and cubed wrote but don't know where from where to retrieve them.
[email protected]

Always On Watch

I'm hoping that you have comment notification.

If you do, please email me:

[email protected]

Monica - Grizzly Mama

Cubed, I still think of you. I hope that you are well.

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