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November 22, 2008



The third most important greenhouse gas is CO2, and it does not correlate well with global warming or cooling either; in fact, CO2 in the atmosphere trails warming which is clear natural evidence for its well-studied inverse solubility in water. CO2 dissolves in cold water and bubbles out of warm water. The equilibrium in seawater is 50, making seawater a great 'sink'; CO2 is 34 times more soluble in water than air is soluble in water.
Correlation is not causation to be sure. The causation has been studied, however, and while the radiation from the sun varies only in the fourth decimal place, the magnetism is awesome. As I understand it, the hypothesis of the Danish National Space Center goes as follows:
Active sun → enhanced magnetic and thermal flux # solar wind → geomagnetic shield response → less low-level clouds → less albedo #less heat reflected# → warmer climate
Quiet sun → reduced magnetic and thermal flux # reduced solar wind → geomagnetic shield drops → galactic cosmic ray flux → more low-level clouds and more snow → more albedo effect #more heat reflected# → colder climate
That is how the bulk of climate change might work, coupled with #modulated by# sunspot peak frequency there are cycles of global warming and cooling like waves in the ocean. When the waves are closely spaced, the planets warm; when the waves are spaced farther apart, the planets cool.
Check the web site of the Danish National Space Center.

Cyclicity in the Sun-Jupiter centre of gravity is likely the ultimate cause of the solar magnetic cycle. We await more on that. In addition, though the post 60s warming period is over, it has allowed that great green house gas, water vapour, to kick in with humidity, clouds, rain and snow to provide the negative feedback that scientists use to explain the 4+ billion year history of life on Earth. The planet heats and cools naturally and our gasses are the thermostat.

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