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  • Examining all ideas relevant to creating an America fulfilling the unkept promises of the Enlightenment. Focuses on current events, critical facts, and principles.
  • Auxilliary to Brushfires of Freedom.
  • Esthetic and cultural commentary auxiliary to Brushfires of Freedom and The New Enlightenment.
  • Companion website to blog "Brushfires of Freedom". In-depth analyses of global topics and trends as they impact the USA, philosophical issues of critical importance to matters such as the War with Islam, and the internal cultural rot of America. Publishes 4 - 6 times a year for new material. Some authors are not Objectivists, but all provide very valuable materials.
  • Eleanor offers materials concerning current events from all over the world, with her own unique take on these materials.
  • (Cubed). Focuses on principles and facts behind the present collapse of American education, particularly in the K - 12 range, and presents what might be and ought to be in schools, from an Objectivist orientation.

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February 28, 2009


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Hi Eleanor!
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What I got from it is that money doesn't worth as much as a human life does, but it seems that we haven't realized it yet... What a shame.
Thanks for sharing

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