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Tuesday, 01 May 2007



“What? You don’t let the dog feel and act spontaneously like a dog? Oh, the horror! The repression and inhibitions of natural urges! And what could be more un-democratic as a ‘pack leader’? Respect? Who deserves respect in this life? All dogs are sinners, I tell you, and they don’t deserve forgiveness. However, the dog needs unconditional love like human because we are all dogs underneath. Only when there is no private property will the dog-eat-dog bestiality give way to a new dog, an altruistic dog, a super dog! Reality will conform!” – Karl, Friedrich, Sigmund, & Vladimir

PS That story certainly lifted my mood. And thanks for the condolences over at L&C.



Don't ever get a dog!!!!!! (Just kidding, of course). Yours is a terrific statement all by itself, and it would drive Cesar into insanity. I enjoy watching the interplay of metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics through his approach to dogs, and it gives me a lift just to watch it. He makes it all so very clear, and he might well be the last person to realize how philosophical his work really is.

You are more than welcomed.

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