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Sunday, 14 January 2007



I remember reading about this shortly after we went into Iraq. Apparently, the troops found that they could get local co-operation by showing respect for the clan leader of these very closely knit clan groups. They were discouraged from doing this by administration policy.

I had hoped that the tribal nature of Iraq would lead to a divide-and-conquer strategy where a scorched-earth policy made an example of one or two tribes (perhaps in Fallujah and Tikrit) while others get benefits for co-operation. The idea was to “bring shame” to one or two tribes that aid jihadi or ex-Baathists while “honoring” those that police their own. Of course, I wasn’t surprised that this bold idea wasn’t discussed anywhere. You can just imagine the outcry (given Abu Graib) if anything remotely like this was done.

Some people suggested a sort of Swiss-type federalism as an alternative to democracy or as a step towards it (local rule before federal rule.) The Kurds seemed to have done something like this. And instead of industries, small businesses seemed a natural fit. Would it have worked? If it’s to keep Iraq free of jihadi, then settling for a traditional tribal order, as oppressive as it is, would have been the path of least resistance.

I assumed that if I was reading about the tribal and intra-family marriages, so was the administration. Obviously, they had their utopian dream. I note on my website a similar dream … 200 years ago … to spread the ideals of the French Revolution to Egypt and Palestine. The guys name was Napoleon. It didn’t go so well.


Cubed - Excellent and informative post. Marriage to close relatives is socially and economically logical, but a genetic disaster.

Animal breeders have known this for a long time and are careful. To produce a "well-bred" animal, they carefully pair individuals to create desired characteristics and to prevent problems.

After Hitler's master race, our PC culture has had difficulty thinking about using science to either promote or to avoid characteristics. However, think tanks and those in the corridors of power should have had the foresight to at least make themselves knowledgeable about Middle Eastern tribal cultural norms.

The word tribe conjures up a primative people of simple technology, easily overcome. Obviously they aren't as they have contemporary weapon systems which are merely props, useful tools to benefit and strengthen tribal loyalties.

We are in for a bumpy ride as our president's idealistic foray with the goal and hope of dissolving tribe and clan with scent of democracy over the space of a few years or a few decades is ridiculous.

Why didn't he know? Why didn't THEY know? They are the advisers, the backers that put all politicians into place, that provide the money and the manpower? Why didn't the State Department know? And why aren't educated Americans given the opportunity to know of such things?

Knowledge is only worthwhile when put into the context of the real world, to solve real-world problems, We've blundered into a hornet's nest without knowledge of hornets and almost unarmed. And the hornets are swarming from near and far...


"I remember reading about this shortly after we went into Iraq."

Jason, I certainly wish I had known about this that early in the game.

I truly had no idea that such inbreeding still existed on such a scale anywhere in the world, outside of some isolated tribes in very remote locations!

It certainly would have hastened my understanding of what was going on.

According to Steve Sailor, the author, there is rising concern among some Saudi doctors about the incidence of genetic disorders resulting from the practice. Now that many ordinary infectious etc. diseases are coming under control, the genetic disorders are more noticeable.

I don't know which ones are seen in Arab societies, but in Pakistan, the incidence of microcephaly is very high and increasing due to inbreeding.

In Europe a couple of thousand years ago, there was a similar practice of "keeping it in the family" through marriage with members of one's own tribe, with marriages outside the tribe taking place mostly to cement dynastic alliances etc.

Despite my interest in ancient history, sociobiology, and genetics, I was also unaware of the "Romeo and Juliet revolution" mentioned by the author, where marrying for love, rather for politics, was encouraged by the Church's opposition to marriages between close relatives.

He points out that increased numbers of marriages outside the family "weakened the extended family (e.g. the tribe) in Europe, thus lessening the advantages of arranged [also] strengthened broader institutions like the Church and the nation-state."

DUH! Wish I'd known; it sure would have made the nearly incomprehensible behavior of the Sunni and Shia Muslims, and the resulting intensification of the habit of both groups - er, "tribes" - of referring to everyone else in the world as "The Others," with the same horrified expression as one might regard visitors from another galaxy!

I had heard that expression not long ago when it was the title of a conference held to discuss the "problem" of "The Others." Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it had its origins in what amounts to incest!

I do remember the success stories of some of the troops who developed a relationship with the paterfamilias, and now it all makes sense!

Our Leaders discouraged it? Wow, they're just full of good ideas!

Your idea of a "divide and conquer" strategy makes a lot of sense.

Oh, well. "They" aren't asking any of us for our input!


I'm so glad you found it helpful; it was a real eye-opener for me, one more important item to throw into the hopper when considering how to deal with Islam.

It's been one avoidable mistake after another because, as you so aptly put it, of the failure of "...think tanks and those in the corridors of power [who] should have had the foresight to at least make themselves knowledgeable about Middle Eastern tribal cultural norms."

Let me see; despite the phenomenal expertise available for consultation, we have 1) "the religion of peace" fiasco, 2) the conviction that, despite the fact that Muslims have absolutely no intellectual history with an Enlightenment-style societal organization, they would immediately welcome one, 3) the total ignorance of the consequences of a fused religion/state entity, 4) the total idiocy of the "Just War Theory" when fighting ANY war with ANY enemy, and now, 5) the complete disregard of the importance of the impact of a tribal society based on inbreeding has on strategy or tactics.

I can understand why I miss stuff; I can't understand why Our Leaders missed it.

I'll bet WWII was better researched than this!


As you know, Cubed, we have an appreciation for empirical procedures not just that because you, George, and I have backgrounds in science (I don’t know Eleanor’s background but she’s clearly on the ball) but philosophically we appreciate the primacy of existence and understand the consequences of not being in cognitive contact with reality. But unlike some so-called empiricists we know the importance of integrating knowledge into principles and systems.

Too many people, administration and critics, have ideas detached from reality or wallow in a mountain of details without hope.

In any case, I’m sorry I forgot to mention the inter-marriage. Actually I didn’t have the exact number but from the description I knew it was large. I remembered the “tribal” aspect but didn’t fully realize the biological consequences.

Always On Watch

I've read that the UAE has quite a number of retarded children. One article I read (Smithsonian Magazine mentioned inbreeding as a factor. I should have saved that article!

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