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Sunday, 08 April 2007



Higher praise is hard to imagine, George.

Coming from a totalitarian society and slowly discovering “self” “reason” and “reality”, I thought I was reading “Anthem” again. I’ve only read articles by her and about her; but the book confirms the early signs of greatness in those articles. I’ll have to read the book.

Sometimes it takes someone from without to remind us how great our core principles are – principles we (or more correctly our fellow citizens) take for granted. I’m overjoyed that she’s getting a good reception in many quarters. And those who criticize her on the shameful left (or the D’Souza right) are exposing their souls in the most humiliating way. If you don’t see greatness of soul in this woman, if you don’t see a reflection of the wonderful Western sense-of-life, and if you can’t see the impoverished nature of Islam after reading her, you have to be spiritually dead or worse. She’s a one person acid test.



I truly developed a spiritual sense as I progressed through this book. No, it was not religious in the slightest, but it was as though I was reading of someone whom Ayn Rand would have greatly admired. I also had that Anthem sense. While I had greatly admired this woman before reading her autobiography, I came to feel that I had had the joy of being exposed to one of the great humans. Given what she had to endure, she triumphed, and thus invalidated all the sore-suckers who love their Marxian they-couldn't-help-it life failures because they are failures. I am still riding a big wave of inspiration from Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and I suspect that I will reread this book at those really down times when I need a good fix."

Always On Watch

I confess that I've yet to read Hirsi Ali's book. From what you've written here, George, I judge that it's one powerful piece of writing, comparable to Brigitte Gabriel's Because They Hate, a book which gave me nightmares while I was reading it--particularly the first third of the volume.

Of course, Jane Fonda and the leftist feminists are silent as to what Hirsi Ali endured and has overcome.

My next Amazon order will bring this book to my door!



Ayaan Hirsi Ali's book is one of the most powerful I have had the pleasure of reading. It is very different from that by Brigitte Gabriel's whose book was so powerful that it rocked me to the core. I would not give up either because these women are real heroes to me.

I confess that I am and always have been a hero-worshipper. My criteria are tough and always have been, so when I consider someone to be a hero to be admired, I think they are pretty outstanding. Ayn Rand, Ayaan Hirsi Ali,and Brigitte Gabriel top my list for women heroes (or for those who can't give a damn about PC, "heroines").

The fact that these people who are so prominent in the main stream media and entertainment worlds ignore them, a la Traitor Jane and Traitor Pelosi, tells me a great deal about my heroines--and even more about those who ignore them.

I guarantee that you will love Ms Ali's book.

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