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Tuesday, 19 June 2007


Jason Pappas

It’s quite an example! It goes from the depths of promiscuous depravity to the extreme of totalitarian rigidity. Those that think freedom is emotional indulgence become the docile pawns of a totalitarian movement.

It never ceases to amaze me. Whenever I've told a young “free spirit” subjectivist that they will one day be dogmatic and intolerant, they scoff at the idea. The above story with a 1960s “free love” school becoming an institution with the ultimate code of PC proscriptions is a case in point. One dispenses with reality, the humiliating loss and disorientation creates a desperate counter-reaction – a blind grasp for the very first stone of dogma that one stumbles across.

This is why I don’t find it odd that subjectivist leftists are drawn to totalitarian Islamists. It’s a variation of Rand’s effete mystic archetype's (the Witch Doctor) necessary alliance with the un-thinking brute (Attila). They really are soulmates underneath. They both hate reality.



I have just discovered that my response to your excellent comment is not up. I put it up a few days ago, and I thought I hit the "post" button. Of course, it could never be my fault. It had to be the djinni.

I particularly liked two statements you made because they were so "spot on": "Those that think freedom is emotional indulgence become the docile pawns of a totalitarian movement." And, "This is why I don’t find it odd that subjectivist leftists are drawn to totalitarian Islamists."

I am rereading Fountainhead after a jillion years, and I am fascinated as never before with the characterization and motivation of Ellsworth Toohey. Although the book had Toohey going to Harvard, I can just see him at Antioch. Certainly his spirit was there during its 155 year run. He exemplifies your comments, except that he creates those "subjectivist leftists."

Jason Pappas

I know on blogspot the owner gets an e-mail of the comments but I don’t know if typepad is the same.

Yes, Toohey’s spirit, certainly; and with the same consequences. He achieved nothing but destroying the institution he wanted to take over. The impotence of evil ... when good men shrug and leave the scene.


I apologize for being late.

Poor ol' Antioch; Goldfarb made a common mistake by assuming that Antioch had been founded to teach students. It wasn't, of course, and one has only to see who the founders and others involved with it were to know that instantly. It's mission was to reform society, to create a socialist paradise on earth.

That didn't work any more than liberal talk radio has worked, and it failed for the same reason.

Now for the government schools, k-12, that were founded for exactly the same reasons by many of the same people associated with Antioch. The problem is, the government schools are not responsive to market forces, and getting rid of them will be much harder.

Still, unless we do get rid of them and replace them with a market educational system, we are doomed.

Don't forget to take a copy of "Anthem" with you when the lights of civilization go out (and all the rest of your library).

Barbara Willis

Sorry to be so late to this party but it has just been in the last six weeks that we have been in the company of the "peace not war" group as we counter their protests every Sat. in Yellow Springs, home to Antioch College. Standing with them with our US flags and signs supporting the troops, we have learned a lot about the mindset of the liberal townsfolk. Even though Antioch has had a slight reprieve, there is still angst about it's future and that of the town of Yellow Springs. But I thought you would be interested in another example of the "liberalism gone mad".

Right now, there is debate in the town to "get off the grid". They want the town to receive it's electricity from solar and wind resources only. When I pointed out that wind and solar systems are very inefficient in Ohio, the answer I got was, "We will all have to use less energy." The vision of "energy police" running around visiting each home ran thru my mind. I then asked what was stopping each homeowner from developing their own individual systems now, the answer I got was that it was too expensive. My next question was how they plan to pay for an expensive, inefficient city wide system without raising taxes (as that option was roundly defeated), the answer was to recruit environmentally friendly businesses and more population. The larger businesses have left because they could not expand due to the zoning laws. The population has left because the jobs have left. Never mind that the housing market is a bust, especially in Yellow Springs. And who would want to start a business or move into a town that will have energy restrictions?

Now, I am not the smartest person but I am just amazed that they can't see the futility of their thinking and that in order for their utopia to thrive, they would have to be an enclave of Marxists. They would also have to rely on Capitalists to sustain them. I don't see any possible reconciliation. Am I missing something?

As a side, there was a workshop offered this week by the Village Mediation Program as an "opportunity to help improve the quality of Yellow Springs dialogue." How is that going to improve the SUBSTANCE of the dialogue? Improving discourse is not going to make the thinking any more logical.

It's like watching a train wreck. Fascinating and horrifying at the same time.


Atheism is a good cure for religiosity, as pushed by the Bush, and can help to create a more pragmatic mindset, if and only if, you aren't dragooned by EDUCATION... Antioch being a classic example of the rotten thread that seems to have wormed it's way into schools. Teacher don't teach because they can't be allowed to teach parity with the times as times evolve, or as Dylan siad, '..they are a' changin.'. Alvin Toffler was very right, Future Shock, in many forms, has kicked us right in the ass, and continues to do so. The Philosophies of Kant, Marx and Nietzsche seem to have insinuated a kind of 'truth' into the mix, and we all swim in it without quite knowing the content of its meaning. Our Society is progressing nicely into oblivion, as was indicated, somewhat like Britain has and I wish hadn't. As an American, I admired England for it's staunchness and courage. What has been said about it's decline after W2, seems to be true but I think it's more compounded by the changes in the world that it couldn't control, as now the U.S. can't control, and we are now sliding. The Cure! Inoculation by pragmatism seems somehow inadequate. 'Rockin' with the times might do it, but only if doing so is done with real honesty and foresight. When you're old enough to recognize those virtues, say 31 or so, you're too busy with kids to take it up, and then when you are really old we try to make up for it, too little and too late. So, politicians do that for us, and, they too are caught in the scramble of our devolving society. I truly hope and want to believe that there are enough tough headed and intended foks out and about, that will do what can a nd must be done, what it always was, kick us in the butt and keep on keepin' on. So the cycle goes, bi wheel turns, yadda yadda, maybe Lucas shoulld do another Star Wars thing and bring the Empire Remmnants to our Galaxy to kick ass, it might give us a bit of something to fight for instead of religion. Good Day one and All. pj

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