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Thursday, 14 June 2007



Maybe Bush wouldn't have been quite so inept if he wasn't snorting coke in the Lincoln Bedroom so much.

Iranian freedom fighter

This is a great analysis. I would add our own corrupted culture of political correctness to Bush's ineptness and weakness in dealing with the barbaric force of islam-fascism headed by the terrorist islamo-facsist regime that is occupying Iran my country. Ever since Carter we have had presidents after presidents who become more irrelevant in the midst of chaos perpetrated by this terrorist regime and the corrupt dealings of the European countries who still to this day rather make money and bribe security from the terror masters than of being a real ally of the US. Long gone are the days of Jeffersons and Adams and Lincolns and even Kennedys!!!


Sir or Madam,

I do not know whether you are inside or outside of Iran. The way you write, I suspect that you may be in the USA. I can only imagine your angst about Iran, from what it is inside, to what others are doing in relation to it from outside. I wish I could say that a lot of what Bush says is said to disguise serious actions going on to help Iranians liberate Iran. I am afraid that what you see is what you get with Bush. And to think, in so many ways, Iranians are so much more advanced as a civilization than almost all of the rest of the Middle East. I hate seeing the good potential squandered, tyranny allowed to grind those yearning to be free under fascist heels, and Iran being led to some armageddon in the future which will do so much to destroy what is left of it. As for that latter, I am not sure Bush or any likely successor has the fortitude or the principles intact to take out the wehrmacht potential of Iran. I fear that Iran will make the first move, in the style of 1 September 1939, when Hitler invaded Poland. When others act, it will be bad for all, even if it liberates Iran.

Do you have any clues that there are Iranian resistance groups formed and making solid plans to overthrow the mullahs and Ahmadinejad?


George, it is hard to be optimistic about 'resistance groups' in Iran if those same resistance groups also cloak themselves in Islam only not as thick. With Islam, you can have a burst of hope, but over time, it is sucked back into the black hole. Islam always returns to the same chaotic violent state. That was the state expounded in the Koran and a real Muslim wants that state.

I agree with you Bush is incredibly incompetent, delusional with power, although that bubble was pricked June 28th, but will he face reality? Doubtful. President in a Bubble. He just went over to the madrassa and praised the terrorists again. What a loser.



I hold no optimism for the future of anyone who refuses to leave Islam. If the Iranian "resistance" consists of Kerensky-like Muslims, they will fail miserably before the Lenin-like consistent Muslims.

Islam is as close to a disease that I have ever seen a philosophy come. Even Kant's abysmal philosophy became only opportunism for those who followed Kant, for them to implement their irrationalities and have an excuse for them. Islam, however, distorts the human mind severely and permanently. A few, like Ibn Warraq, escape, and they must be appreciated as mental giants with uncommon inner strength. Billions of others simply turn into Islamic cannon fodder and spoil early in life, never to rise again to amount to anything. Then they hang onto Islam for dear life for the rest of their life, because they gave up all the things that make a human have potential. For them, it is Islam or a terrible and terrorizing void.

The only thing that makes any sense in the real world is for the total abolition of Islam. It cannot be moderated any more than drinking diluted ricin is healthier.

George Bush deserves impeachment, but the cowardly Democrats are all smoke and no fire. Bush will glide out of the White House being praised blindly by the robotic Conservatives. We will live with his wreckage for a century, particularly since his successor will truly be worthless, looking at the field.


the british using clustr bombs and poison gas, failed in the middle east, now the americans have,

the anglo saxon era of dominance is fading all that remains is delusion

the centre of world power is slowing shifting away from america and the british

americans need unleash the total awesome brutality of it's military in iraq or iran to preserve dollar hegemony for another twenty five years , or

revamp it's foreign policies to accept a new model without america at the center

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    So far, Muslims have their greatest victory over us by making us shift into defensive living with regard to them. We tread with fear of "offending" them, of inciting world-wide riots by Muslims against us, and of always trying to curry favor with irrationalists. We used to go about life, guided by our own thoughts and desires, and no defensiveness. It is our fault that we let them dominate our behavior. STOP IT! Americans do not live defensively! Let savages fear us!