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Saturday, 30 June 2007


Just Another Richard

They seem fully prepared to take the UK down in the name of political correctness.

Yes well, George, the political classes are after all almost to a man, Marxist in outlook, even if the majority of them not only don't own up to such, but don't even recognize that philosophy in their own outlook. They have all been so seeped in Marxism through their time in the halls of higher education they know no different. What was it Theodore Dalrymple said: "political correctness was simply the communist manifesto writ small". Of course they can't let go, it is their entire "reason to be", they let go and their whole world evaporates right in front of their eyes.

It is time to water the tree of liberty.

Always On Watch

And now Gordon Brown has forbade the use of the words "Muslim" and "War on Terror." (Not that I was ever happy with last last, nebulous term.

The media and our leaders are tying themselves into knots as they vainly attempt to avoid the reason behind the attacks.


"Islam is the philosophy of conquest purposely obscured by calling it a religion, It has existed unchanged in any fundamental way for 1400 years. Islam dictates what Islamists, i.e., Muslims, do. There is no "moderate" Islam."

That is the message we all need to understand and to propagate. having just read Mark Alexander's book "The dawning of a new dark age" I am now more aware than I ever was.

It seems to me that England is fxxxxd. It's too late. Weak government,PC, low birthrate amongst the indigenous population, complaceny, ignorance about Islam and the trendy left have ensured that the Islamic flag will be flying above Downing Street.

Only draconian measures can reverse this slow but inevitable move back into the middle ages. Measures that will not be undertaken because we are stupid. I can only hope that the armed forces will be mainly free of Muslims at that time so a coup d'etat may be our only saving grace.


First, my apologies to all for being tardy in responding. We've had some health matters to contend with.

Just Another Richard,

I just love "It is time to water the tree of liberty." I think it will come to this, right here on the homeland. We will have to fight THEM as well as fighting off the corrupt of our very own who stand in the way to victory and safety now.


Brown was tested by Islam one day after taking over from Corrupt Tony. Brown failed, as did the rest of local and national English government, and the entire EU. Refusing to use identifying words and refusing to face the facts are so perfidious that I cannot express myself well enough without scads of "blue" words. I simply am unconvinced that the Englishman as we have always thought of him, not these muzzies in English drag, will do anything but surrender to dhimmitude. Who would have ever thought that it would be Chamberlain to "Chamberlain" in one year short of 60, given the extreme demands of WWII on England?


An Armed Forces Staff College student published a paper in the early 1990s entitled something like, "The Coup of 2021." It was about the protacted degeneracy of civilian government which included misusing the military for all these "meals on wheel" jobs and jobs like Iraq where the troops have their hands and feet tied due to civilian imposed rules of engagement. Finally the military revolts and takes over the country to "save it." I sincerely believe that any of these dire predictions of Islamic induced attacks on America will unleash a civil uprising of historical proportions. I think the end of the uprising will be an Islam free country, and I think there will not be enough police or military to stop such a civil uprising.

Again, thanks to all.

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    So far, Muslims have their greatest victory over us by making us shift into defensive living with regard to them. We tread with fear of "offending" them, of inciting world-wide riots by Muslims against us, and of always trying to curry favor with irrationalists. We used to go about life, guided by our own thoughts and desires, and no defensiveness. It is our fault that we let them dominate our behavior. STOP IT! Americans do not live defensively! Let savages fear us!