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Monday, 29 October 2007



Excellent article. As a Brit I wholeheartedly agree that Britain is done for. The next stage is 'The Islamic Republic of Lesser Britain' in 40 years time or so and certainly accelerated by the ignorance and complacency of the underclass voters.


EXCELLENT report/commentary, regardless of who wrote it. I didn't read the whole thing, because it's too long, but it's still very, very good. I see Britain as typical of the ENTIRE Western world, collapsing into the mindset of communists: Hopeless, Godless, THOUGHTless, hateful, lazy, irresponsible, uncaring, indifferent. I keep waiting for nature to correct this trend and for the pain of inevitable consequences to awaken the sheeple out of their slumber, but it never seems to happen.


Some fascinating ideas in Dalrymple's work, and this is a very interesting commentary. I completely agree with the point about poverty not being material, but 'spiritual, moral and cultural', and I think a huge problem is that these appear to be self-perpetuating and self-reinforcing. The previous comment alludes to progression of some sort correcting this, but I think 'progression' will more naturally go in the opposite direction- negativity and ignorance reinforcing negativity and ignorance.

My one complaint with the article is the conflation of England and Britain- actually there are interesting differences in the Welsh, Scottish English and Northern Irish underclasses, seen in their education systems for example.


I have been exercising my energies looking at what to do about it. Some, such as Ian Parker Joseph, the Landed Underclass and Obnoxio are going down the chaff route, hoping to clog the system.

Tom Phillips

Thank you for your article. I myself would be considered to be from the LSE. I don't hate the police although I have been witness to unprovoked police victimisation of young people, yes I do respect the rights of others and yes I have been educated.
To a certain extent what you have said is correct. However, though I wish not to blame others, I would like you to understand how, when growing and being 'educated' (hahaha second from botton in OFSTED tables secondary school, sure I'M to blame for that too) the enivironment does leave an imprint on you which is difficult to purge.
For instance while at university if I tried to explain the circumstances from which I came I would be belittled and frowned upon with no empathic attempts at understanding. I left university prematurely because in truth I could not go on hating the roots I so despised due to the attituds of people such as yourself and tried to find employment.
Tell me do you regard yourself as an individual, or as a member of a class?
Should I join in with your regime of helping to destroy my parents and siblings? Do I stay and rot? Either way I CAN stomach your fascistic nonsense, because my friend you clearly need somebody to blame yourself. I wouuld rather shake your hand than attack and rob you, but when you spit on my hand every time I try to stand for myself I may find it hard to turn the other cheek.
Just sayin' lol :)

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Being from the UK I found this very interesting. Not sure I agree with it all though.


I would say that it is the good old US of A that is the canary in the mine for the UK. Dalrymple or Dr Anthony Daniels had quite a talent for hyperbole. The 'slums' he speaks of are not 'slums' at all. There is not an NHS hospital in existence that caters only for slum dwellers. His nauseating obsequiousness when interacting with Americans can be explained by the fact that most of his books are sold in your country. Your willingness to swallow every lie that he feeds you can be explained by a very natural, human love of schadenfreude. Doesn't it make you feel all warm inside to know that however atomized your own country has become, it is oh so much worse across the Big Pond?


And is 'overdosing for attention' really confined solely to the LSEs? Try reading Elizabeth Wurtzel's 'Prozac Nation'. Plenty of attention seeking self harm in that and she's a member of your elite. (Ivy League School etcetera etcetera.)

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"Their pervasive patterns of behavior are not just poor; they are self-destructive,:

* Neglect and abuse of children
* Broken relationships
* Victimization by crime
* Nihilism
* Dumb despair (p. viii)"
Cool! Author thank you!

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Thanks for the report. I'm from UK and really can relate to it.

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Take our past as our strength to face the future. Don't be discouraged by the people who wants to pull us down.


If this Government cared as much about work and training for the young instead of spending money on wars our job market with Poles at least some of these "yobs" might be saved.

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