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    So far, Muslims have their greatest victory over us by making us shift into defensive living with regard to them. We tread with fear of "offending" them, of inciting world-wide riots by Muslims against us, and of always trying to curry favor with irrationalists. We used to go about life, guided by our own thoughts and desires, and no defensiveness. It is our fault that we let them dominate our behavior. STOP IT! Americans do not live defensively! Let savages fear us!


  • Ideas power men. Men power cultures. Cultures power civilizations. Civilizations power history. Ideas are the fuel of man's mind.
  • It is not a question of whether man chooses to be guided by [philosophy]: he is not equipped to live without it. (Ayn Rand)
  • History is philosophy teaching by example (Lord Bolingbroke)
  • The trouble with nations is that there is an unequal distribution of capitalism. (Rush Limbaugh)
  • Shake off all the fears of servile prejudices, under which weak minds are servilely crouched. Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call on her tribunal for every fact, every opinion. Question with boldness even the existence of God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear. (Thomas Jefferson)

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Thursday, 25 January 2007


Always On Watch

Must be quite a kerfluffle. Today's WaPo contained an essay by D'Souza. You can read it here.



The man is spinning now a la WaPo. What I find so interesting is his growing list of fellow travelers, including Peters: Fukiyama; Lowry and the NRO. Watch for more.

What D'Souza might have done that really is of value is to precipitate clarity out of the right wing goo. The mish-mashy moderates might be standing out now from those who understand and fearless declare the truth concerning Islam. D'Souza sounds like that awful Libertarian Party that also blamed 9/11 on our foreign policy rather than the actual perpetrators. [For the record, our foreign policy stinks, and I am not exonerating it. However, if someone in my neighborhood attacks my property, I do not blame it on my county government.]

Watch for who takes which sides now.


George, there are those in almost every camp that pins the blame for Islamic attacks on their favor complaint. I have a running list.

1. Libertarians say our interventionist foreign policy is at fault.
2. Socialists say globalization and free trade are the cause.
3. Anti-Semites … I mean anti-Zionists … tell me it is Israel.
4. Others say it is our support for dictators in the region.
5. Or our support for democracy by those evil neocons.
6. Free traders say it is the welfare state (attacks in France)
7. Social conservatives (D’Souza) say it’s our lewd behavior.
8. Anti-religious say it is Christian proselytizing or its legacy.
9. Some blame the legacy of European totalitarianism.
10. Don't forget poverty presumably because we don't share!

But God forbid we say they are to blame.

John Sobieski

I emailed Newt Gingrich recently because I just could not stand his persistence in calling it 'radical islam.' If you can't say Islam, say jihadists. Romney does, sounds better.

The left is completely suicidal, and most of the right are offtrack. Bush is a terrible president because it will take years to get this fight for our lives back on track.



Your running list is "spot on." May I use it (with credit to you, of course)?



Except for the apologizing apologists, all the Islamists call it simply "Islam." They ought to know, and they do. Newt has not caught the train yet, so to speak.

As for the "suicidal," that word brings chills to me because I think about it so often when I see the news. The most glaring recent example concerns those two Border Patrol agents now in prison. Congressman Rohrabacher spelled it all out on Fox News this morning about how OUR government persecuted these men while rewarding and exonerating a chronic criminal. That criminal is now suing the USA for $5 million. Can we last through this "suicide-ism"? It is everywhere.

Bush has damaged this country more than Carter and Clinton, two for whom I have nothing good to say. Maybe our great-grandchildren will be able to get things straightenout, or least by their lifetimes.


Please do! I posted them in a few comments section but haven't used them in a post.

One of the aspects of Islam that people miss is the need to blame the victim as part of the humiliation process. This is to re-affirm Islamic supremacy and inculcate a dhimmi mentality. It doesn’t matter if there are items on the list might be policies that one would want to change in any case. That’s totally irrelevant. The enemy looks for vulnerability and they study our culture or by trial and error see where we have self-doubt.



Many thanks for ok'ing your list use.

Yes, yes, yes, re: humiliation. Since the days of John Dewey and Teddy Roosevelt, intellectuals have worked on America to have self-doubt and feel chronic guilt. Well, they succeeded, in spades. Now Islamists can see the obvious and play us like a Wurlitzer.

Terrific comment.

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